Not sure how to make affiliate marketing work for you?

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Imagine making money from your
blog posts and social media content without constantly chasing the income generation beast!

You've got your blog. And, whether you've been at it for a month or five years, you know one of the easiest, most passive ways to earn money is through affiliate marketing.

As great as that sounds, you are filled with questions:

  • "How do I add a link?"
  • "Which partners should I promote and how to track them?"
  • "I've got links, but nobody ever clicks. Why??"
  • "How do I track my links to analyze if they work (or not)?"


All those experts who said to do affiliate marketing make it sound sooooo easy!!

But it's not.

There are so many moving parts, and you don't see any results despite your best efforts that you aren't even sure it will work for you.

You think that affiliate marketing is not the right fit for you.

Don't give up! Help has arrived!!

You need someone to help you find the right partners, ensure you set up your content effectively and analyze and track it.

The Affiliate Marketing Toolkit gives you lifetime access to everything you'll need so you can increase your income!

The Affiliate Marketing Toolkit is your complete system for starting affiliate marketing, finding and tracking your partners, implementing conversion strategies, and knowing if what you are doing works or not (and even what to change).

Here's everything you'll get with the
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit:

  • Instructions to know the order to use each of the tools provided
  • Getting Started videos that explain affiliate marketing, how to find partners, and add links to your content
  • Affiliate Partners by Niche Guide more than 350 affiliate partners, sorted by niche, to make it easy to click and apply
  • Affiliate Partners Tracker create a list of each partner, so you never forget any important details
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies Guide get the inside tips, tricks, and strategies to make your links convert
  • Legal Requirements ensure every post you write complies legally (with a copy and paste statement you can use)
  • Blog Post Checklist never forget any important steps --including all the affiliate marketing requirements you need to remember
  • Profit Tracker to keep track of every penny you earn and spend, making tax time less stressful
  • Affiliate Conversions Tracker to know if your links work, monitor your changes, and analyze them to understand what is the most effective for your article
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What if you had the confidence to know your affiliate marketing strategies were effective?

The Affiliate Marketing Toolkit takes the stress and guesswork out of finding partners and ways to encourage readers and fans to click your links.

From getting started to finding partners and analyzing your links, the Affiliate Marketing Toolkit provides you with everything you need to increase your income dramatically.

Once you know how to add your links and know they work, your amazing content will make money with each visit!

You can focus on creating products and finding additional monetization streams to rapidly achieve your income goals.

Misty L. "Above and beyond!!"

"Seriously, this thing is loaded!! I've always haphazardly pulled in resources over the past two years and not made much money.

Tracie's toolkit is fantastic! It not only gives me the "how-to" all in one place but also provides me with the trackers I need to be more intentional with my affiliate marketing.

This toolkit will provide you with valuable resources to help you make more money sooner! I can't wait to go fix my mistakes and start intentionally tracking all of my affiliate partners and links."


Take a closer look at what's included:


This section is perfect for the new blogger (or refresh your memory on how it works)

  • Understand affiliate marketing, so you know not only what you are doing but how to do it
  • Find the perfect partners that will make your readers click with every article they read
  • How to add those links the right way


Find partners and programs in minutes rather than hours, days, or weeks

  • More than 350 programs
  • Sorted by niche with easy access to find yours
  • Simple links to instantly apply to join your partner
  • Programs that work for any niche


Never forget who you have partnered with - or where to find them.

  • Downloadable PDF you can print or complete online
  • Spreadsheet to track your partners
  • Includes the details you need to know for each program you join


Everything you need to know in a single, easy-to-read guide

  • Common Mistakes you want to avoid making
  • #1 reason why your links are not converting
  • Strategies to encourage clicks and increase conversions
  • Sample blog posts to see what you can do


Ensure every post is covered legally.

  • The legal pages you must have on your site
  • The mandatory disclosure you need (copy and paste)
  • Tags to add to every link
  • A video that explains it all


Use the checklist on every article you write

  • Don't forget any important details
  • List affiliate partners
  • Ensure you've added all necessary elements
  • Hit publish with confidence


Accounting system for bloggers to track their income

  • Track income from all sources
  • Breakdown of affiliate income by partner
  • Analyzes income by source
  • Budget to monitor spending
  • Expenses tracker
  • Generates reports necessary for easy tax prep


Analyze links to see what works -- and doesn't

  • Include multiple links for each post
  • Calculate your conversion rate
  • Includes update analysis and tracking
  • Analyze all update methods to show which placement is the most effective

Get the Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
and increase your income!



"The challenges I have faced as a new blogger seem to revolve around the breadth and depth of information about blogging. I have found myself yearning for a comprehensive resource covering a topic from start to finish.

Tracie's Affiliate Marketing Toolkit does just that: getting the necessary information, steps, and tools needed to finish the job, even down to applying it to your blog posts and tracking it.

This is the first of Tracie's resources that I have tried out, but if it is any indication of how her other resources are, I will be buying them all from her! Thank you, Tracie!."

The Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
simplifies the process of earning
through affiliate links.

Finally, you'll be able to:

  • Find the perfect partners that will get your readers to click.
  • Implement strategies that get the clicks that make more money.
  • Know you have done everything legally, reducing your stress.
  • Track your income and expenses to make tax prep a breeze.
  • Analyze every link to know which is the most effective.

The Affiliate Marketing Toolkit is what you need to increase your income.

Hi, there! I'm Tracie.

I've been in the blogging world since January 2009. I still remember when I sat down and started a site because I was passionate about saving money and wanted to help others do the same.

After some time, I realized how much I loved writing and sharing advice to help others get out of debt and save money. It quickly became my passion. But, again, I still knew nothing about blogging. I didn't even know I could make money at this!

All my research led me to find one amazing way to generate income month after month- affiliate marketing. Once I figured it out and began to implement my strategies, I quickly grew from making no money to making 4 and 5 figures time and again!

As much as I learned, I struggled. I did a lot of my own research, but I longed for someone to help me along my journey. I emailed countless bloggers asking for help. I received zero responses. Not one person helped me.

I vowed that I would never allow another blogger to feel what I did. I would share anything I’d learned to help them become successful. I am in countless Facebook groups and lend my advice as frequently as possible.

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of money through affiliate marketing. Check out some of these amounts I’ve made – from one affiliate program! And yes, that is almost $30,000 – in just a single month!!

I know you can find some of this information online. But, the fact is you need to know what to Google. You have to understand all of these aspects of running a successful blog.

Rather than spending hours doing research, you get it all in one place. And, best of all, you get me right next to you, helping you along the way.

I've Got A's for Your Q's

How long will it take to read the guides and apply the teachings?

You can expect it to take only a few days to read through the guides and use the calculators.

Of course, you only get out what you put into it.

What all comes with the purchase?

You will get lifetime access to each tool.

Some are downloads, and others are templates for you to copy and use.

How will I get the product after I purchase it?

Once your purchase is finalized, I'll direct you to a screen where you will log in and will have access to each of the tools.

They are in the vault where you log in and access them anytime.

Do you offer refunds?

Since the products are digital and accessible instantly, there are no refunds.

Will I need to buy any special tools?

Nope! Each tool is accessible and usable without needing to pay for any products.

Stop wondering if you are doing affiliate marketing the right way.

Start implementing the strategies that get the click and make money!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Affiliate Marketing Toolkit!!

  • Getting Started Videos - $47 value
  • Affiliate Partner Tracker - $27 Value
  • 350 Affiliate Partners by Niche - $37 value
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies Guide - $37 Value
  • Legal Terms & Wording - $27 value
  • Blog Post Checklist - $7 Value
  • Profit Tracker - $27 value
  • Affiliate Conversions Tracker - $27 value

Total value: $236!!

Get all this for only $67!