Are you sure you did everything

before hitting publish on your latest blog post?

Images, Meta Descriptions, Keyword, Promotions, Affiliate Links?

Honestly, writing a blog post is more than putting your thoughts down on paper.

There is just so much you need to remember to do.

Having a blog post checklist guides you through every step so you don't overlook any important steps along the way.

Grab your Blog Post Checklist!!

"This is a very thorough blog post checklist.

I ended up laminating mine so I could use it over and over again.

I absolutely love it!!!!"

- Katherine E.

The one tool you need so you don't forget any steps.

  • Research before you start
  • Images to use for your site and social
  • Formatting to use
  • Affiliate links and disclsoures
  • Opt-ins to use
  • Where to promote

The blog post checklist reminds you of everything you need to from the moment you are inspired to write through hitting the publish button (and beyond).

"I love using this checklist, mainly because it is well organized and has great tips on how to structure your blog and posts."

- Shani M.

The Blog Post Checklist includes everything you need to do when writing your blog content.

The Blog Post Checklist walks you through every single step of writing your article.

Print it out and laminate a copy to use over and again.

Or, download and fill it out using a fillable PDF program!!


Hi there. I'm Tracie.

I started my first blog in January 2009. After much research, learning -- and a whole lot of mistakes -- I put the pieces together. Within a couple of years, I was making more than $10,000 a month on my blog.

One thing that helped me achieve success was being organized and monitoring all aspects of my business. I could not afford to hire different people to monitor the aspects of running a blog. I had to do it all.

That meant I had no choice but to stay organized as no one else was going to do it for me! I created spreadsheets and various forms that guided me every step of the way.

Now, I'm sharing them with you! So you, too, can get your blog in order so you can focus on the tasks that will make you money!

Learn more about my story and successful blogging by visiting

The Blog Post Checklist removes the stress from writing your post.

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  • Finally, using proper SEO optimization on every post.
  • Never worrying that you forgot to include any of the important steps of writing the perfect blog post.
  • Including the right affiliate products for more clicks and conversions.
  • Ensuring every post includes the content that helps your reader.

"Instead of trying to remember everything you have to do every time you write a blog post, you can keep the Ultimate Blog Post Checklist somewhere close at hand and save yourself tons of time. It’s super useful!!

- Kristen B.

What are you waiting for?

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