Write every blog post knowing you did it the right way.

You know your posts are important, but the formatting and how to build a post are a bit too overwhelming.

Until now.

Learn how to build a blog post that is written to rank every single time.


You started your blog! YEAH!

But now, it's time to start writing. You sit down at your computer and start typing. You finish it and think it looks perfect.

You share it with your list, and no one sticks around long enough to read it. They jump out after scrolling for a few minutes.

And then, there's Google. You think it should rank, but it doesn't.

You aren't sure what you're doing wrong.

The problem isn't you.

It is all those starts a blog posts. They tell you how to set everything up but don't tell you a thing about how to blog - let alone write a post.

You need someone to show you how easy it can be, so it doesn't take you days to write a single post and know when you hit the publish button, it looks just the way you want.

You need the
Blog Post Toolkit!

Katie E. "Where have these been?!?"

"I wish I'd had these templates when I first started my blog, but even after three years of blogging successfully, I still found great value in these templates.

I've never done a roundup post before, but seeing the template gave me the confidence to try one soon!"

Hi there. I'm Tracie.

I started my first blog in January 2009. After much research, learning -- and a whole lot of mistakes -- I put the pieces together. Within a couple of years, I was making more than $10,000 a month on my blog.

Over the years, I continued to learn. And, at the five-year mark, I nearly lost it all. I had not developed a business plan and did not have the mindset necessary to find the success I knew I could achieve.

I didn't quit. I pulled up my big girl panties and figured out where I'd gone wrong. I made vast changes to not only my site but also my mindset. That is when everything started to click.

Fast forward to October 2019, when the unbelievable happened. I sold my site for more than one-quarter of a million dollars!!

Now, I'm teaching you how to run a profitable blogging business. You benefit from my mistakes and the more than a decade of experience and expertise to help you on your blogging adventure.

Learn more about my story and successful blogging by visiting TracieFobes.com.

Alyssa G. "Wish I had this sooner!"

“I have become more confident with writing posts now. Thank you for making such an easy-to-follow course --- and I love organizing checklists and guides, truly evergreen products if you'd ask me.

I wish I had this when I first started my blogging journey!"

You need the Blog Post Toolkit!

The bundle includes SIX products to help you perfect writing the articles on your site.

Get step-by-step instructions to know what to do
and checklists to ensure you do it all - correctly!

Posting Perfection Course

Get easy-to-follow steps to
learn a simple way to start learning keyword research and craft the posts your readers want to read.

Blog Post Templates & Guide

Templates for the six popular blog posts, a guide to remembering what to do on every post, and make a table of contents without a plugin.

Ideal Images

Get sample layouts of the size of the images you need to create to use on your blog
and the social media platforms you use.

"Post" Blog Post

Learn what you need to do
after you publish
your blog post.

100+ Blog Post
Headline Ideas

Get inspired and create headlines that get the click.

Blog Post

Never forget any steps for
writing the perfect blog post.


Writing articles knowing they are done the right way - every time!!

  • Learn the right formatting for every post you write.
  • Remember every important aspect of writing your article.
  • Introduction to finding keywords to use in your posts.
  • Create the perfect image for your blog post and social.
  • What to do after you publish your post.

    No more worry that you are going to make mistakes that could cost you time and money.


What do I get with my purchase?
The tool kit has three guides, six blog post templates, a 3-page blog post checklist, and full access to the Posting Perfection Course.

What if I am unhappy with the toolkit?
I don’t want that! However, once you have them, it is a digital product you can use forever. For that reason alone, I do not offer refunds.

Can I literally copy the templates?
Yep! You can! The templates are written in a way, so you know what to add to each section of your post.

Will I get updates?
When the guides or the course are updated, a new file will be sent your way at no additional charge.

In what format are the files?
The guides are PDFs, as is the checklist. You can print or use them online (the checklist is a fillable PDF). The course is hosted in Teachable, and you will be provided instructions on how to access it once you make your purchase.

Here are what other happy customers are saying!


"The Blog Post Toolkit is nothing short of fantastic. It's more than I expected and so complete. If you want a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide that will answer all your questions and help you put out the "perfect" blog post every time then the Blog Post Toolkit is for you.

With more than 100 specific ideas for blog post headlines, I can even see the old-timers finding fresh ideas. I have been in a bit of a funk and this has fired me up!"


"Simple, straightforward, no fluff or BS - this is definitely a resource worth the investment and will show you the process you need when creating content.

I kept thinking -- this would have been so helpful when I first started my blog!!!"


"Simple, straightforward, no fluff or BS - this is definitely a resource worth the investment and will show you the process you need when creating content.

I kept thinking -- this would have been so helpful when I first started my blog!!!"


"Although her Blog Post Toolkit has already helped to make blogging easier for me, I wish I had access to this information when I first began blogging. Saving time and money while improving my blog is a real plus for any blogger!

Each of the components of the Toolkit is helpful but my two favorites are the Headline Ideas and the "Post " Post Blog Checklist.

You live up to your reputation as an expert blogger!!"

Stop wasting time trying to write content you aren't sure is worth it.

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you get the Blog Post Toolkit:

  • Lifetime access to the Posting Perfection - $19 value
  • Blog Post Checklist - $12 Value
  • Six Blog Post Templates - $27 value
  • Images Handbook - $12 value
  • Blog Post Anatomy Printable - $12 value
  • Post Blog Post Checklist - $12 value