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The Blogging Playbook

Set up your blog the right way without wasting time or money.


You’ve caught the bug and are ready to join the world of profitable bloggers.

The only problem is you have no idea what you’re doing.

And, turning to Google asking, “How to start a blog,” has left you even more confused than when you started.

You read some blog posts from popular bloggers, but they all seem to contradict each other.

You even searched for a How-To Blog course, but they were all hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Why can’t this be easier (and cheaper)???

I remember that frustration. The urge to sign up for every free blogging checklist and how-to guide just led to being totally overwhelmed with information that I didn’t understand.

And there was no way I was going to charge thousands of dollars onto my credit card just to start a blog!

I remember emailing bloggers asking for help and receiving no responses.

As things came together for me and I figured out how to do things, I vowed never to let another blogger feel like I did. Ever.

“I recently purchased The Blogging Playbook, and I’m so glad that I did. After signing up for countless “How To Start Your Blog” courses,

I was always left with more questions than answers that I would then have to Google, which usually ended up unsuccessful.

Fortunately, during one of these searches, I came across your blog, and the way you described your blogging course was as if you were speaking directly to me.

I was having all the problems you described and was honestly ready to pull my hair out and/or cry. LOL, I knew nothing about starting a blog and was feeling so overwhelmed before taking your course. It was worth every penny.

The way you explain everything combined with your videos makes it so easy to make sense of all this. I have learned more in two days from your course than I have in one week searching online and from other “How To Blog” sites.

I'm feeling confident and excited again about this new adventure.

I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated, and I cannot thank you enough. :)”

– Rebekah Bearden

"Why doesn't anyone show you what
to do after you set up your blog?"

I remember having that same thought!!

  • Everyone says blogging is fun and easy, but that's not the case for you.
  • You know nothing about WordPress or coding (and are worried you'll never learn it).
  • It is taking you twice as long as you thought it would (you just want to write).
  • You see everyone else sharing they've started and you aren't even close (making you feel like a failure).
  • You don't think you will ever get this blogging thing to work (and feel like giving up).

It's not just you. All new bloggers have one (if not all) of these thoughts.

It's easy for someone who has blogged for years to tell you it is easy. But, they all seem to have forgotten that it is rough when you are first learning.

It would be helpful if someone would tell you what exactly to do next. And, it would be even better if they didn't just say what to do but showed you how to do it.


Hi, there! I'm Tracie.

Starting a blog is one thing.
Running one is something
entirely different.

I'm here to help you navigate those muddy waters of learning how to use WordPress, customize the look of your site, and write the perfect blog post.

I created my site only because I found hot deals at local stores, and friends needed an easy place to find them.

After some time, I realized how much I loved writing and sharing advice to help others trying to get out of debt and save money.

It quickly became my passion. But, again, I still knew nothing about blogging. I did not even know I could make money at this!

Over the years, I’ve managed to turn a blogging idea into a thriving business that earns my family five figures month after month.

We’ve been able to pay off our debt of more than $37,000, purchase two vehicles and even remodel our house – all because of the income I have made from my blog.

I want to give you the information you need to be successful – right from the start! I would share anything I’d learned to help them become successful. I am in countless Facebook groups and lend my advice as frequently as I can.

I know you can find some of this information for free online. But, the fact is you need to know what to Google even to get started.

Rather than spending hours doing research, you get it all in one place. And, best of all, you get me right next to you, helping you along the way to be your coach and mentor.

Imagine being able to:

  • Rest easy that your site is set up the right way from the start.
  • Know how to use WordPress rather than sitting there pulling out your hair.
  • Have a clearly defined purpose and direction for your blog.
  • How to make money with your blog - and when to start.
  • Set up all your email and social accounts in minutes rather than hours.
  • Stop the stress of wondering if you are doing the right things - right now.

The Blogging Playbook is the tool you need to take your dream of a profitable blog and transform it into reality.



Wow! Thank you again for helping me move forward to set up my blog site the correct way.
I’m feeling a little more confident that I can do this. Thanks to you!!”

– Ruth Tyson


The Blogging Playbook

The highly sought after course and
guide for new bloggers who need help
setting up their blog without pulling out their hair.

You've spent enough time Googling
the answers to your blogging questions.

The Blogging Playbook picks up where other
"start a blog" posts leave off.


What makes The Blogging Playbook different from other courses?

Most courses tell you what to do but fall short of telling (and showing) you how to do it.

The Blogging Playbook shows you everything you need to do get your site set up so you can focus on writing and promoting your content
(which is how you will make money).

You've read the rumors and heard statements of people telling you “blogging is dead.”

That couldn't be further from the truth.

It’s true you can’t throw together a blog and expect to be a millionaire overnight. It does take work, time, and dedication to making money online.

Many earn a full-time income from blogging, and I know you can do it too!

After finishing The Blogging Playbook, you’ll understand:

  • The difference between a post and a page (and where you should use each one).
  • Understand blogging lingo (so it doesn't look as if people are speaking a foreign language)
  • What a sitemap is, and how you can share yours to start ranking in search engines (so you can get traffic)
  • Why link color matters and the one color you should NEVER use (a must know if you plan to make money blogging)
  • The difference between a Theme and a Child Theme and the feature your Theme MUST have (Google thinks it matters).

Once you complete the course, you’ll feel confident in your ability to build and manage your site.

No more frantic searching for how to login to WordPress or how to use the platform.

You’ll finally understand the language of blogging and be ready to build the blog of your dreams!

What will I learn?

Everything you need to know, broken down into 12 modules.


Understand the lingo bloggers use so you know which questions to ask.

Design &

Add and customize your theme to give your site the look you desire.


Learn the parts of your blog and how they all work together.

Niche &

Understand your niche, set up your menu and have clear navigation.


Take a tour of WordPress and properly configure your new site.


Connect your site to Google to get your stats and track how you rank.


Define your blogging "WHY" and know who you are writing for.


Create a custom domain email and make it work through Gmail.

Social Media

Set up and connect the right social media platforms.

Blog Posts

Write blog posts & necessary pages with links and images.


How bloggers make money blogging and when to start.


Introduction to SEO for your blog and why it is so important to learn.

Plus, these cool bonuses!!

Facebook Support Group 

A private group on Facebook EXCLUSIVELY for Learn, Grow, Earn students. I’m in there to help answer questions, level up your affiliate strategy, and hold your hand through any problems! ($100 value)

Blogging Playbook Workbook

The companion workbook to guide you through the course so you don't forget to complete any of the important steps. ($27 value)

All future updates!

Things change online. You can be sure that I am keeping up with the current trends, laws, and best practices. This course will be regularly updated, and you get access to all updates forever!

All too often bloggers start a blog only to realize months later, they've done
too many things wrong.

You don't know what you don't know. You want to start a blog and avoid making costly mistakes that will set you back.

Know what to do right now so you can focus on the path ahead instead of the road behind you.

The Blogging Playbook is the tool you need to take your dream of a profitable blog and transform it into reality.


How much does it cost to start a blog?
Once you purchase your URL (around $10) and your hosting (starting at $6.00 per month), you can do the rest for free, or you can choose to spend some money on a theme or some premium plugins.

How long will it take me to get my blog up and running?
You can go through this course and get your blog set up in just a few hours. You’ll need a bit longer to write your first few posts and set up your social media account. But you can get everything done on the weekend with a little effort.

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days, and we will give you a full refund.

Blogging Playbook

If you’re ready to build a blog that shares your knowledge, your message, and your personality with the world, hit that buy button and join me inside the Blogging Playbook!