Email Success

A step-by-step guide to starting, building, and leveraging email to increase your profits.


You have read countless articles and taken courses that all mention one thing - you need to use email marketing.

You eagerly signed up with a provider and created your first form to get people to subscribe and have it on your site and are ready to see an influx of subscribers.

But then, it's crickets. No one signs up. Or, if they do, you are unsure when to send emails and have no clue what to say!!

It's not your fault.

Email is a powerful tool that every blogger needs to master. And, it is more than sending your subscribers a link to your latest blog post.

You need to know how to get your visitor to turn into a subscriber. You need to use your email to nurture your list to turn them into customers for your products. It is a chance for you to share a product they need and get them to buy.

Even though you know that is what you need to do, the idea of email is overwhelming and makes you want to give up on it entirely.

You need someone to show you what to do.

You've seen other courses, but you can't afford to make that investment.

If only there were a way to learn all you needed to, at a price you could afford.

Fortunately, there is a course that does just that!

"I am not sure what to do to even start using email!!"

The idea of email sounds easy. But it's anything but!!

  • You aren't sure you even need a list.
  • Adding a freebie sounds great but aren't sure what to make (or how to make it).
  • You know you need to email your list but have no idea what to say.
  • Connecting your email to your site leaves you scratching your head.
  • You know you need to deliver freebies but worry it will take too much time.
  • Making money from your list sounds incredible, but everything you write sounds like an ad.

Your email list is one of the most powerful tools you have. You need someone to show you how to not only set it up but to make it work to increase traffic and profits!

Maria M. "Your course shines!!"

I was struggling to create a Welcoming series for my email list and just loved how you walked me through it. The course is packed with excellent tips on how to nurture my email list.

I have taken a lot of other courses from other bloggers about list building, but yours shines. You make it all very simple. I really loved that you combined text and videos!

I highly recommend this course to every new blogger.”

Imagine being able to:

  • Easily grow your list
  • Offer the perfect freebie your readers want
  • Know what to say in every email
  • Create a consistent email schedule that works for you
  • Get your readers excited to open every email you send
  • Turn readers into customers ready to buy everything you offer
  • Feel confident that your email list will make you money

With Email Success Blueprint, it's possible - even if you've never used email before!

Hi there, I'm Tracie!

I want to help you learn the secrets to mastering email so you can
hit the send button with confidence!!

I'm the creator behind Email Success Blueprint. I've been in the blogging world for more than 12 years! 

Like so many others, I jumped into my blog and used social media to get traffic and make money. At that time, it was great as when you posted on Facebook, everyone saw it.

Then, Facebook. made a change to its algorithm. My traffic dropped by more than 60% overnight.

That was the push I needed to take my email list more seriously. I focused my energy on growing my list and ensuring I sent the emails that would make me money.

Now, I get new subscribers every day. Even better than that, I make a large percentage of my income from my list.

You know you need to start an email list. You know it's the best way to reach your audience, but you're still confused about how to build a list.

Let's break down the barriers to using email effectively -- together!!

What makes Email Success Blueprint different from other courses?

Most courses tell you what to do but fall short of telling (and showing) you how to do it.

Email Success Blueprint shows you everything you need master your email list like a pro!!

Let's take a look inside:

Module 1

Where to start

Get the why of your list and where you can go to get started.

  • Why your email list is the most powerful tool you have
  • How to choose the perfect email service provider
  • Setting up your custom domain name email address

Module 2

Email legalities

There are laws and regulations every blogger needs to know about with email marketing.

  • CAN-SPAM law (what it is and how to comply)
  • GDPR comp

Module 3

Creating your opt-in

Freebies are the best way to rapidly grow your list.

  • The types of opt-ins you can create
  • Where to find inspiration
  • The ONE opt-in that is the most effective
  • Creating a killer opt-in
  • Examples of opt-ins that convert

Module 4

The Resources Library

A simple method to deliver every freebie you offer to your list.

  • When a library is a good idea
  • Why you may not want to create one on your site

Module 5

Adding Sign-up Boxes

Adding boxes to your site for readers to click and sign up are a must!

  • Difference between a landing page vs. sign-up box
  • Single vs. double confirmation
  • Creating and adding them to your site (with either ConvertKit or Mailerlite)

Module 6

The perfect email

Once everything is set up, it's time to start writing!!

  • The # mistake bloggers make with their list
  • What works and doesn't when emailing subscribers
  • Where to find content ideas
  • Writing subject lines to get readers to open
  • Creating your first email (with ConvertKit or Mailerlite)

Module 7

Putting autoresponders to work

Put your email on autopilot - saving you time and money!

  • Writing your welcome sequence
  • Automation sequences you should consider
  • Creating automated emails (ConvertKit or Mailerlite)

Module 8

Profits from your list

Your email list is one of the simplest ways to make money!

  • What (and when) to sell to your list
  • The power of segementation
  • Creating a sales funnel
  • Putting tripwires to work
  • Using either ConvertKit or Mailerlite to set up segmentation

Module 9

Simplify the process

Effective methods to make emailing simpler.

  • The email batch prep
  • Create 12 months of emails to send
  • Setting up the Forever Sequence

Module 10

Email analysis

It is important to review what works - and what doesn't!

  • Understanding the email stats
  • Improving open rates
  • Getting higher click through rates

Module 11

Subscriber Maintenance

Subscribing isn't one and done! Maintaining your list is essential.

  • Handling subscribers who never confirm
  • Getting readers to engage
  • Cleaning up your list

Who doesn't love bonuses!?!

Oh yeah! This offer is even better as you get
ALL of these bonuses with your purchase!!


Eliminate the stress of writing your welcome sequence.

  • Single and double opt-in options
  • Options for building with or without lead magnets
  • Copy, paste, and edit
  • Easy to download into Google Drive
  • Use as inspiration to create the perfect series to welcome your new subscriber


You need a lead magnet but aren't sure what to make! This list will get you started.

  • Ideas for any niche
  • Inspiration to create a unique idea for your list
  • Use the freebie to create your next paid product idea!

Plus, the best bonus of all – Access to the Facebook Group

Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group where you find me right there helping and guiding you (priceless)!! ($300+ value)

Total bonus value: More than $225!!!



"This course is perfect for a beginner as well as someone trying to grow their list. If you start this course at the beginning of blogging, it gives you the complete foundation of email.

Tracie took the time to answer EVERY question I had - which is rare from many course creators.

I’ve had an email list for a while and still learned valuable information that I previously didn’t know. “

What makes Email Success Blueprint different from every other email course?

Most courses tell you what to do but lack the "how-to" part.

Email Success Blueprint was created to teach you not only what to do but also the step-by-step instructions for how to do it.

Email marketing is more than hitting the send button every time you publish a new post. You need to know how to properly nurture your list to turn casual subscribers into raving fans who are ready to buy anything you recommend.

Email SetUp

Find the perfect provider that works for you. Set up your emails, including the first welcome series to send to your new subscriber.

You'll even learn how to add a sign-up box to your site!

Lead Magnets

Determine the perfect lead magnet (also called a freebie) to get more interested and encourage readers to sign up for your list.

You'll also learn how to set up and deliver it on autopilot.

Monetization Strategies

How to craft the perfect email to turn your reader into a customer.

You'll write with confidence and know that you don't sound like a sleazy or smarmy used car salesman.


"After completing this course, I have the knowledge to set up a successful e-mail campaign, and that I also now had the knowledge on how to maintain my list.

This course contained more information than those I see priced 3x as much!!!

There was information in this course I did not even know I needed!!

I've now created my first opt-in and am on my way!!"

I've got As for your Qs!

Aren't email providers expensive?

Nope! In fact, you can get started for as little as $0!

There are many that have a monthly fee, but you can look at your budget to know which is the best to use.

Which email providers are covered?

The course shows you how to use two different providers: Mailerlite and ConvertKit.

How long will I have access?

How does lifetime sound? Once you purchase, you get access to the course and updates, for as long as you want!

When does the course end?

It is 100% self-lead so that you can learn on your schedule and your terms.

Is this all text or only video?

It is a combination of both! You will find text that explains the details and video to guide you through using the platforms.

Do you offer refunds?

I wouldn't want that! If you sign up and decide that it is not for you, you can request a refund within the first 30-days after your purchase.

Stop putting off email and start making money from your list!!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you enroll in Email Success Blueprint:

  • Lifetime access to the course and any updates - $147 value
  • Bonus #1 Powerful Lead Magnet Ideas - $27 value
  • Bonus #2 Welcome Series swipe files - $27 value
  • Access to the private Facebook group - $197 value