Missing out on leads because Facebook doesn't show your content?

It's not just you.

Algorithm-proof your Facebook Group and Page so that you get more engagement and ultimately more sales from your Facebook page.

Setting up a page or group is easy.
Getting followers and members - not so much.

You have a page or a group, but you aren't getting people to find it. You feel that no one knows you exist and think the only way to get growth is to pay for ads - but it isn't. You can find organic growth, but it all starts with your page or growth configuration.


Is that the right image? Does it send the right message? Did you make it the right size?


Does your description really tell new followers or members what they can expect?


Is the content you share resonating at all with your members and followers?


Does it feel as if no one engages with you and you feel as if your page or group is dead?

It's not just you. Facebook is more than hitting some buttons and hoping for success.

And it all starts with the right setup and content.

Finally get people to follow and engage with you on Facebook.

There are millions of people using Facbook every day. You need to make sure they can find and follow you.

Enure you stand out in a sea of content to grow your following and income.


"Wow. I didn't realize how much of a mess I'd made on my page!!

Thanks for making me think about this and help me to make those changes!"

- Olivia J.

Hi there. I'm Tracie.

I started my first blog in January 2009. After much research, learning -- and a whole lot of mistakes -- I put the pieces together. Within a couple of years, I was making more than $10,000 a month on my blog.

Over the years, I continued to learn. And, at the five-year mark, I nearly lost it all. I had not developed a business plan and did not have the mindset necessary to find the success I knew I could achieve.

I didn't quit. I pulled up my big girl panties and figured out where I'd gone wrong. I made vast changes to not only my site, but also my mindset. That is when everything started to click.

Fast forward to October 2019 when the unbelievable happened. I sold my site for more than one-quarter of a million dollars!! And, I made more than $7,000 from one single Facebook post!

Now, I'm teaching you how to run a profitable blogging business. You get the benefit of my mistakes and the more than a decade of experience and expertise to help you on your blogging adventure.

Learn more about my story and successful blogging by visiting TracieFobes.com.


Seeing your stripe account with sales that are directly tied to your Facebook efforts.

Without paying for ads.

  • Make sure your images are the right ones to connect with your followers.
  • Your description has the right keywords so you can get found in search and get the growth you desire.
  • The content you share will get more clicks, shares, and comments.
  • How to source the best content that your followers will love.
  • The smart ways to bring new life into a dead group or page.

    ....so that you'll increase the chances of skyrocketing your income through Facebook!

Facebook Audit Workbook

  • Analyze your page and group to find what might be holding you back from getting more traffic.
  • Develop a collaborative network for growth and exposure.
  • Review your content to know what works (and doesn't)
  • Bring your page or group back to life.

Facebook Audit Workbook helps you analyze, update and improve your page or group so your content converts.

You will learn:

What is missing or can be improved on your page or group.

Analyze what works and doesn't when you hit share.

Create a network to get more growth, reach, and engagement.



I've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

It is a one-time investment of $47.  

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to make money from their email list.

How is the product delivered?

It is an eBook. You can download and read it on your computer or device.

What if I am not collecting emails? Can I use this?

The lessons teach you how to connect the tripwire to your email subscriber. However, you can apply the strategies to links you may build on your site.

What if there are updates?

You get lifetime access to the book! That means if there is an update, you will get it right in your inbox.  

What is the refund policy?

The book is sent to you digitally immediately after your purchase. There is no way for it to be returned.

For that reason, there are no refunds offered. 

Stop sharing link after link that doesn't send traffic to your site.

Update and audit your accounts and strategy so they send the clicks and traffic you desire!