Finally!! Create gorgeous high-converting printables your readers crave that will explode your income!!


You started your blog with the hope of making money. After all, everyone makes it look so easy.

But here you are, still not making the income you dreamed of when you first began.

You’ve spent hours learning how to create blog posts, drive traffic, use social media, and SEO, but the income is just growing soooo slowly.

You wish there were a way to increase your income WITHOUT increasing your expenses.

You don’t want to put more ads on your site. And you already have more affiliate relationships than you can manage. But what else can you do?

What if you could figure out exactly what your readers want and get them to pay you to provide it? Sounds a bit too simple, right?

It’s not.

There are things that your readers are searching all over Pinterest for but can’t find. Things like printable planners, templates, spreadsheets, and workbooks. Things that need to be created by an expert.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? You don’t feel like an expert. 

I can guarantee you one thing…if you can run a blog that brings in steady traffic, you are an expert. People come to you because you know your topic, and they stay because you write about it well. 

Let’s take that expertise and turn it into profit!

"I am getting traffic, but why isn't my income increasing?"

I feel your pain, my friend.

  • Your visitors never click your affiliate links (I mean, HELLO!!! They are right there in color )!
  • You are tired of chasing new affiliates to try to find the one that works (does that even exist?).
  • You don't think you will ever get this blogging thing to work (and feel like giving up).

You vent about this in a Facebook group you belong to and all you hear people say is that you need to sell your own product.

Sure, that is easy for them to say. They aren't you.

You not only don't know how to do that but you don't think there is anything you could create that people would actually buy.

Digital Products can work
any niche!!

(And you don't have to be a graphic designer)

Product Perfection helps you not only determine WHAT to make but how to make it -- and sell it for HUGE profits!!!


Cara P. "Worth every penny!!"

“Tracie’s experience and knowledge in selling printables are PRICELESS!

I admit I’ve taken a lot of courses in my time, and this is by far one of the most comprehensive courses I have taken. The amount of information and value that Tracie put into this course is incredible.

Whether you’re a beginner or long-time blogger, you’ll get all the information you need in this course.”

What if you could spend the day with your kids while your phone is dinging away
every time you make a sale?

Just imagine...

  • Finally achieving the financial independence you've long dreamed about
  • Traveling where you want - when you want
  • No longer stressing about the traffic dips that reduce your ad income
  • Generating passive income while you live your life, on your terms

Hi there, I'm Tracie!

I want to help you create and market the perfect product on your terms
to increase your income.

In 2009, I started my first site. Within 3 years, I was making five figures a month!!! I had capitalized on social media, and my site was growing steadily.

And then, the unthinkable happened.

I got an e-mail from an affiliate partner who made up a large percentage of my income. They said I was making too much money and slashed my rates. The income from them dropped by more than 75% in the next month.

I was devastated. It felt like the end of my blog. How was I going to make up all that money?

I decided to try creating products I could sell. In the first month, I made $100. The income continued climbing over the next several months.

I knew I had figured out a new way to increase my income rather than putting all of my eggs into one basket.

I found the perfect way to not only diversify my income so that I wasn’t relying on only one or two sources for the bulk of my revenue.

Not only that, but I was in control and didn't have to worry about algorithm or rate changes anymore!

Product Perfection is the system you need!

Be in control of the products you sell
to increase your blogging income!

Product Perfection teaches you the why, how, and where of selling products online.

Whether you've been blogging for six months or six years, you will learn how to increase your income with digital products.

If you struggle with knowing what to create, how to price, and where to sell, this is the course you will not want to miss.


Wouldn't it be awesome if you:

  • Knew what to sell, so it made you money
  • Could scope the competition to determine the perfect product and price
  • No longer waste your time making something nobody wants to buy
  • Could set up a store that's optimized for conversions
  • Understood taxes and reporting for your sales
  • Applied advanced marketing strategies to increase your profits

What makes Product Perfection different from other courses?

Digital product courses either show you how to make or sell -- but not both.

Product Perfection teaches you
not only how to come up with
the perfect product to sell but also
how to make and market it
to your ideal customer.

Digital products are more than signing up with Canva and making a printable. You need to ensure it will succeed and, more importantly, ensure it increases your income.

Create the Perfect Product

Learn how to do research to determine the product your reader wants and then how to create it.

Determine the Right Price

Knowing the price you charge is what your customer is willing to pay and that it will make you money.

Marketing for Increased Sales

Techniques to use to get your product in front of more people to sell more and increase your profits.

What would you do with an extra $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 a month?

Pay down debt?
Take a family vacation to someplace warm?
Finally, buy yourself some new clothes instead of only spending money on your kids?

It doesn’t have to be a dream. You’ve already built a blog. You’ve done most of the hard work. In fact, you could get an entire store up this weekend.

Imagine making an extra $100 next week! That would pay for this entire course! And that would only be week one.

Digital products are a simple way to make money month after month!!

“Tracie’s course was as if it were written for people like me!”

“Her constant reminders to not jump ahead kept me focused and productive.

Had I jumped around, I’d have missed crucial information that I needed later in the course.

The step-by-step video for setting up Shopify was amazing, and I followed along with her as she explained all the various settings I would need to make. I would have been lost without this and still trying to figure it out on my own.

Thank you, Tracie, for putting this together. It’s the type of hand-holding I needed for getting ready to start selling my printables!”

Liz Krause, Simple Italian Cooking

Here's what's included

You get lifetime access to every module, as well as some freebies that will help you develop a killer digital product strategy.

8 Modules with
50 Lessons!

The course is divided into eight modules, which include video and text.

  • Getting Started
  • Research & Analyze the Product to Create
  • How to Make Your Digital Product
  • Legal Protection
  • Create stunning mockup and displays
  • Pricing Your Product
  • How to Sell & Deliver to Your Customers
  • Marketing Techniques for More Conversions

BONUS #1 - Easy Printables Course Access

Learn how to make a printable in CanvaPicMonkey, and more!

This course will walk you through HOW to make printables that people are drooling over! ($47 value)

BONUS #2 - Digital Product Planning Workbook

BONUS #3 - Sales Page Planner

A printable guide to help you through brainstorming to launch with plenty of space for notes. ($19 value)

A guide to plan your sales page to get more clicks and conversions ($19 value)

BONUS #4 - Private Facebook Group

Connect with other students – and me – so you can get the feedback or answers you need. ($197 value)


This course isn’t for everyone. Product Perfection isn’t for you if: 

  • You’re not willing to listen to what I have to teach you and take the time to apply it
  • You want to skip lessons and then complain you don’t understand
  • You have no interest in learning new skills

So who is Product Perfection for? Someone who:

  • Is ready to spend time setting up a store, creating printables, and making more money
  • Is tired of depending on ads and affiliates for income and wants more control over revenue
  • Is excited to jump into a new project that complements and enhances their blog

“Everything you need to know is here!”

“Tracie’s course Product Perfection walked me through every single step I needed to take – from how to come up with the perfect product idea all the way through making the sale.

In between, she explains exactly how to make free printables, make an enticing product display for my store, and set up landing pages, tripwires, and the rest.

Everything you need to know is here, including legal stuff we need to keep in mind, choosing colors and fonts for my products and how to price my products.”

Annie, Country Living in a Cariboo Valley


You've got Qs & I've got A's

What do I need to complete the course? 

You need a computer, an internet connection, and a desire to make money! There are different checkout services to choose from, and the costs vary.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.  

I know I can create things, but I don’t know how to sell them! Will this course help? 

Yes! I don’t want to leave you struggling to actually make money, so I cover EVERYTHING you need to know. How to write a landing page, create a sales funnel, and even get people to leave you reviews!

I'm not a designer. Can I still make printables?

Yes! You can! You do not need any design background to make products to offer for sale.

You'll get full access to Easy Printables, the course that shows you how to make the printable you want to sell.

Is the course all video?

Nope! It is a mixture of text and video, so you can follow in the way that is easiest for you.

I want to use Etsy. Does your course teach me this?

Sorry, it does not. I show that as an option for setting up a shop but do not detail how to use their platform.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want that! If you find the course is not for you, contact me within 30 days after your purchase and get a full refund.

Look, I get it. You think that it’s all been done. The checklist, workbook, printable niche is full, and there’s no room for you.

Humor me… I want you to picture the bread aisle at your grocery store. Go ahead; I’ll wait…

Is there just one type of bread? Or five? No, there are hundreds of different types of bread in that aisle! And different people buy different types.

It’s the same online. Your style, your content, and your VISION set you apart, and you just need to find your tribe.

I’m not the only person in the world who sells budget printables, but look at my shop results….

I made almost $7,000 in the last two months! And my printables aren’t expensive. I’m not selling $500 products to get here.

In fact, the most expensive product on my site is only $97!!

This isn’t rocket science. I can teach you how to do this, but you have to commit to doing the work.

If you follow my process, step by step (no jumping ahead!), you can get your store up and running in just a matter of days.

Stop relying on affiliates and traffic to make money.

Sign up today for Product Perfection!

If you don't, it is the same thing. Same income. Same effort.

Or, hit that buy button and make changes that will
increase your income!

See you on the inside!!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you enroll in Product Perfection:

  • Lifetime access to the course and any updates - $147 value
  • Access to Easy Printables - $47 value
  • BONUS #1: Digital Product Planner - $19 Value
  • BONUS #2: Sales Funnel Planner - $19 Value
  • Access to the private Facebook group - $197 value