Sponsored Success

The roadmap for earning more than you ever thought
possible on your blog!!

(The one-stop-shop to learn everything you need to know
about working with brands).


You’re tired of blogging with no income.

Tired of the constant need to create new content but not seeing anything deposited in your bank account.

You keep producing new content, all in hopes that maybe one article will finally start making you money.

You’re tired of Googling for answers and just going around in circles.

You’ve heard the rumors about making money through brand partnerships, but how does that work?

How much do you charge?

And how do you find these opportunities?

The truth?

It’s easier than you think!

Sponsored posts can take your income to the next level. If you’ve never done a sponsored post, you might not feel confident seeking out those opportunities. But once you know the process, you can easily do it over and over again.

How would it feel to get paid to create new content for your blog? Pretty thrilling, right?

Chasing pageviews hoping for money is exhausting. You want to earn money now - not six months down the road.

There are brands who are looking to partner with blogs - just like yours.

And, they are willing to pay you well for it too!

You can not only make your readers fall in love with you, but you can also explode your income at the same time!!

You've tried responding to the emails you receive, but they seem to want only to give you free products or pay you next to nothing for your work.

Hey, I get it! I was once in your shoes too!

Right now, you find yourself:

  • Opening emails excited that someone wants to work with you, to find out they don't want to pay you anything at all.
  • Getting offer after offer to blog for free product, which you know, doesn't pay the bills.
  • Tired of seeing sponsors want to have you follow tactics that you know Google doesn't like.
  • Watching other bloggers make bank sharing content on their blog and social media (and you aren't even making pennies).

It's not just you.

It's that no one really takes the time to teach you what you need to do to find success working with brands.

Until now!!

Don't work for free! Help is here!

What you need is someone to help you find the right brands that are a fit for your site and will pay you a rate you are worth!!

Sponsored Success helps you find the perfect partner and know how much to charge every single time!!

Sponsored Success is the course that helps you find sponsors who are willing to pay exactly what you are worth!!

Get INSTANT Access to Sponsored Success!!!

Amira L. "Highly recommend!!"

"As a lawyer, I look at everything in detail, and this course is a complete resource you need to start making money from sponsored posts.

I didn't have to worry about creating my own emails or invoice because Tracie had already professionally done this for me! This course is a MUST-HAVE for bloggers!"

Just imagine:

  • Finding eager sponsors ready to be promoted on your site and social media accounts.
  • Creating a pitch that will make brands swoon.
  • Having the confidence to negotiate the rate you deserve.
  • Having content ideas so you know what to write about.
  • Not feeling like a sell-out to your loyal fans and readers.
  • Working with the brands your readers will love.
  • Confidently writing content knowing you will get paid rather than hoping and praying for traffic.

Sponsored Success is the course that helps you find, plan, and work with brands so you can skyrocket your income!!


Hi, I'm Tracie and I hate seeing bloggers not getting paid their worth!

I’m the creator behind Sponsored Success. I’ve been in the blogging world since January 2009, and I still remember creating my site that January evening when I sat down and Googled “how to start a blog.”

Within my first few months of blogging, I had my first sponsored post opportunity. It was for a candle. And, that's what I earned.....a free candle.

I passed that off as a one-time opportunity and continued pumping out content. Content that was taking me time and not producing the results I wanted.

A few more months into my journey, I began getting more chances to work with sponsors - and they paid me cold, hard cash!!

My income started going up, and my work schedule got easier. I was getting paid to write -- on my own blog!

I began wondering why every blogger didn't do this!!

Over the years, I not only pitched brands to work with, but big names also began reaching out asking me to partner with them. Some of them included:

These campaigns resulted in four and even five-figure earnings!!!

You know you want to make money blogging and sponsored posts are one of the simplest ways to do that - without chasing traffic and pageviews.

No one goes into detail about all you need to know when it comes to this type of work. After more than a decade of successful sponsored post campaigns, I've pulled back the curtain and am sharing everything you need to know so you, too, can increase your income with less effort!

Kristin R. "Exactly what I needed!"

"As a beginner blogger that has been wanting to do sponsored posts but was totally intimidated by them, this course is exactly what I needed. It was thorough and answered questions I didn’t even know I had!

I now feel comfortable and confident to go out and start cold emailing potential sponsors.!

Let's take a look inside:

Module 1

Develop Your Pitch

Before you reach out to brands, you need to know how to tell them who you are:

  • Write your elevator pitch
  • Know your audience
  • Create your media kit

Module 2

Finding & Pitching Brands

You need to ensure you find the perfect partner for your sponsored campaign.

  • The programs you can use for sponsored work
  • Where to find sponsors
  • Turning emails into paid work
  • How to pitch a brand

Module 3

Creating Your Proposal

Once you determine the partner you want to work with, you need to send them a custom proposal.

  • What to consider when determining your rate
  • Features that can make you more money
  • Negotating like a pro

Module 4

Legal Issues

Just as with most things on your blog, there are legal issues you need to understand.

  • Securing your contract
  • The disclosures you need
  • Ensuring your links are done properly

Module 5

Crafting Your Post

Once all the details have been ironed out, it is time to get busy!

  • Options for types of sponsored posts
  • What to keep in mind as you write
  • Using the sponsor-generated content

Module 6

Finalizing Your Campaign

Once the work is completed, it is time to wrap things up so you can get paid.

  • Sending your final invoice
  • Going above and beyond for your sponsor
  • Generating sponsorship reports
  • What to do if they will not pay

Who doesn't love bonuses!?!

Oh yeah! This offer is even better as you get
ALL of these bonuses with your purchase!!


You will need a media kit before pitching and to respond to partner requests.

  • 6 different styles to choose from
  • Editable on Canva
  • Easy to customize, download and email


Never struggle with how to pitch, negotiate or respond to sponsored post requests.

  • Easy to copy and paste
  • Use for any pitch or email
  • Edit to add your personality and branding details


Use the template to create the perfect proposal every time!

  • Easy to edit in Canva
  • Add or remove details as needed
  • Brand with your logo and colors


Many brands will request a formal order to finalize the details of the work.

  • Download the Canva template
  • Edit to add personal branding
  • Includes all details so both parties understand the scope of the project


Never stress about knowing how to prepare your invoice to get paid.

  • Download to Google Drive
  • Customize with branding colors and fonts
  • Includes all details for the campaign
  • Add your payment remittance details


Stand out with brands by sending them a final report with details for the campaign.

  • Download to Canva
  • Customize with branding colors and fonts
  • Add or remove details as needed
  • Easily add all content by clicking and typing

Plus, the best bonus of all – Access to the Facebook Group

Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group where you find me right there helping and guiding you (priceless)!! ($300+ value)

Total bonus value: More than $350!!!


Steffa M. "It finally all makes sense!"

"Everything is laid out in easy-to-follow steps! This course has saved me so much time in researching and trial & error so I can focus on finding sponsors and creating content.

I love that I can keep going back to the course to review the lessons while I’m in the process of pitching. The video format is clear, and the written text overview is excellent for quickly scanning for information."


I am sharing the exact system I have used to find countless sponsors for more than a decade. From crafting your pitch and creating a media kit to determining your rate and covering your legal bases, you’ll be a sponsored post expert after this course.

  • Learn how to write an Elevator Pitch that makes you stand out.
  • How to figure your base rate AND how much you should add on top of that.
  • How to find and pitch to sponsors AND PR firms (and how they differ).
  • Contract and disclosure basics that cover your butt and keep you safe.
  • How to write a sponsored post with five examples from my own blog.
  • Finally, how to go above and beyond what companies expect so they’ll come back for more!

Here's what my students
have to say!


"Sponsored Success has taken the fear right out of the process and shown me how easy and fun it can be - and the templates and bonuses make it work every penny!!

First off I am so glad you included written text with your videos. I am a visual learner and that was extremely helpful for me to be able to learn from a written format versus your videos.

I also had many AH-HA moments while taking this course because I am new to sponsorship and influencing. And finding out that even though I am new but my rate should never go below $250 was a mini celebration for me!

This course is a must-have for every blogger in my opinion. We should be paid for all our hard work and what better way to gauge our worth than through working with brands and partnerships."


"All the technical aspects of sponsored posts (pitching to a company, what fees to charge, etc.) felt so overwhelming before taking this course. I knew literally nothing before taking this course or how to make money doing them.

After taking Sponsored Success, I feel confident to start pursuing sponsored post opportunities without looking like an amateur! Tracie walks you through everything and does so just like she’s your friend or family member, sharing all her little insider tidbits with you.

Tracie goes so much beyond writing and land sponsored posts; she shows you how not to undervalue yourself in the process. The bonuses alone are worth the price of admission.

Once you don’t sell yourself short, you have so much more potential to make a larger income from sponsored posts, and what blogger wouldn’t want that?”


“This course is a thorough course for everyone who wants to get hold of sponsored posts. Tracie has always gone above and beyond to provide tons of value to her students, and that’s what she did in this course too.

Tracie helped me believe in myself and that I CAN do it!!

I have never thought about how someone could help you with so much sincerity. I have purchased a couple of courses by Tracie, and she herself has always been helpful on her Facebook group, and that means A LOT on your blogging journey."

Get INSTANT Access to Sponsored Success NOW!

Who is this course for?

It's for bloggers who:

  • Love to write and want to get paid to post on their own blog.
  • Aren’t afraid to tell their audience about products they love.
  • Are interested in building more income streams.
  • Have traffic or an engaged social media following.

It's not for those who:

  • Have been blogging for only a couple of months.
  • Aren't really sure who they are trying to serve.
  • Have little to no traffic or social media following.

Even if you’ve never written a sponsored post before (or even if you’ve tried and failed!) you’ll learn everything you need to know inside this course.

In just a few hours of learning, you’ll know exactly how to pitch your first sponsored post.

I've Got A's for Your Q's

How will I get access to the course?

Once your purchase is finalized, you'll be directed to a screen where you can sign in and start learning!

When does the course start and end?

It is 100% self-lead so you can learn on your schedule and your terms.

How long will I have access?

How does lifetime sound? Once you purchase, you get access to the course and updates, for as long as you want!

Do you offer refunds?

I wouldn't want that! If you sign up and decide that it is not for you, you can request a refund within the first 30-days after your purchase.

How is the content delivered?

You'll find video (with closed captions) as well a text. If there is a video - there is always a text version in the lesson for you as well!

The goal is to help you learn in the way that works best for YOU!

Can't I get this information for free?

To be honest, you can find all sorts of information on various blogs and websites, but does it mean there is value attached to it? The truth is that anyone can write a post about Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it works. And, to be honest, much of what you find is outdated. It is also only one idea that may or may not work for you.

This course is continually updated with the most recent information available. So, if you see a change to the algorithm or features, rest assured that I’m on it, and we’ll be updating the course to make sure you have the most recent information available.

Stop waiting to make money and start sponsored posts now - and watch your income take off!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you enroll in Sponsored Success:

  • Lifetime access to the course and any updates - $297 value
  • BONUS #1: Media Kit Templates - $47 Value
  • BONUS #2: Email Swipe Copy - $37 Value
  • BONUS #3: Proposal Template - $9 value
  • BONUS #4: Insertion Order Template - $19 value
  • BONUS #5: Invoice Template - $9 value
  • BONUS #6: Reports Template - $37 value
  • Access to the private Facebook group - $197 value